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Hello! My name is Jame coyne.

I’m a product focused full stack software engineer working primarily in frontend web development.

Currently I am a contractor at Meta through Method Development Working to develop internal tooling to support infrastructure needs. I am proficient at React, graphql, node, PHP, python, and many others.

I have also worked in the capacity of a creative technologist with Masary Studios where I primarily assisted in building large scale interactive installations, such as "Say What You Will" and Memory Diffusion.

Prior to this, I have worked at Black Math where I worked as a creative technologist - primarily developing features for their existing product, Kineticards, as well as contributing technical direction to client work, and building IT and digital asset management infrastructure to support the existing creative operations

I’m currently based in the Boston area, and I have a degree in a computer science from Wentworth Institute of Technology.Feel free to contact me by email at

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