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Museum of fine arts gender bending fashion

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February 01, 2019


In the Winter of 2019, I worked with Black Math to build a projection mapped installation as a part of the Museum of Fine Arts upcoming Gender Bending Fashion installation. The installation itself was the a large room at the very end of the exhibition, and served as a conclusion to the process. It consisted of 9 raised platforms, with a mannequin each modeling culturally significant clothing in the history of gender bending fashion.

To map the room, we used three high powered projectors, showing a video loop. Using Cinema 4D, early on in the project I constructed a model of the installation to be used both to test projection mapping, as well as to provide communication between the client and us, though this I was able to also approximate what arrangement of projectors could supply proper coverage to the mannequins scrims. To build the projection mapping, I used adobe after effects, though this, I was able to create a comp that allowed for all the fine grain control required to map the real space. The opening for the show received a fantastic crowd, and the installation remained open from march 2019 to august of 2019.


  • Vouge
  • National Geographic
  • Boston Globe
  • New York Times
  • Museum of Fine Arts

Rig for testing and demoing projection mapping

MFA In progress shot MFA In progress top shot MFA In progress side shot

Installing in the physical space, carefully rotoscoping and adjusting the comp

MFA Installation

The final product

MFA Installation MFA Installation

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